Cox Retirement Plans

shutterstock_173376584Videologies created a web-based course and video presentation for Cox Enterprises on the subject of their retirement plans.  The web-based course explains the pension, 401(k), and retiree healthcare plans, and features photography,  animation, text, narration, and software simulations on how to use the CoxTotalComp website.   In addition, Videologies produced a video about the 401(k) plan that involved interviewing employees from the various Cox divisions:  Cox Enterprises, Manheim Auctions, Cox Communications,  AutoTrader,  and Cox Media Group.   Both programs are available to over 50,000 employees.

Videologies provided analysis,  design, storyboard writing, prototyping,  photography, audio production, animation, graphics design,  and course programming services for the Saving for Your Future web-based course.

For the 401(k) video,  Videologies provided scriptwriting, video production,  audio production, video editing, and DVD mastering services.

You can watch a portion of the 401(k) video below.