World Peace Day Video

shutterstock_178265003Videologies created a web-video for Isha Foundation for promotion of an annual World Peace Day event that features a speech and musical performance competition.  Videologies used animation of text and stock graphics to produce an inexpensive short presentation for You Tube.  The video is available for viewing below.

Videologies provided scriptwriting, graphics, and video editing services on the project.

World Peace Day

Sales Training for Sony

lana1cVideologies produced a web-based sales training course for Sony Broadcast Systems.  The HTML 5 course featured an audio player on each page so that sales representatives could listen to a presentation about new product offerings.  The course was designed to be viewable on any device: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, or Android phone.

To spice things up, the course featured a cartoon character host named Lana,  who added flavor to the presentation.

Videologies provided services for the course analysis, design, prototype, storyboarding,  graphics development, audio production, and HTML programming.

Integrated Talent Management – Recruiting

shutterstock_111003869Videologies contracted with Cox Enterprises to develop a blended learning solution for training recruiters.  As part of the process, Cox implemented changes to their business processes that involved the creation of a centralized shared-services recruiting team.  As part of the reorganization, many new recruiters were hired, and a new software system (Oracle Taleo Recruiting) was implemented.

Videologies designed and developed a two-day instructor-led course for the recruiters, and Kevin Wilson delivered the class over a six week period to over 200 recruiters as the class instructor.   The training design also included software simulations, hands-on practice activities using a Taleo training environment,  a student guide,  and a PowerPoint presentation.

In addition, the reorganization of the recruiting function also involved requiring hiring managers to use Taleo to create job requisitions.  Therefore, the training design also involved creation of a self-study e-learning course for hiring managers along with a reference guide.

One additional element developed by Videologies was an online searchable help system created using Oracle User Productivity kit that included printable job aids and simulations.

Privacy and Passwords Training

shutterstock_158377769Videologies produced a course for Cox Enterprises titled, “Protecting Private and Proprietary Information.  The course focused on data and password security and was designed for all 800 employees at corporate headquarters.

The course featured an overview of data security problems, a history of private information breaches, and case studies on ways to protect data and passwords within the various operations at Cox.   Several interactions allowed students to explore a sample office with various security problems.

Development of the course involved a photo shoot using employees as actors to act out various scenarios in the case studies.

Videologies provided design services,  storyboarding, still photography, audio production, graphics production, and course programming.

Key Performance Indicator Training

shutterstock_117020356Manheim Auctions asked Videologies to produce an e-learning course that explained the concept of KPI’s,  Key Performance Indicators, to their department managers at over 90 locations throughout the U.S.

The course featured a video introduction,  quizzes,  interactive software simulations, and a game that explained how variation works in the determination of performance goals.   Videologies wrote the storyboard, handled the graphics design,  simulation capture and programming,  and the course programming using Articulate Studio.

The finished course is approximately 45 minutes long and required about three months to produce.


Office Ergonomics – IBM

2_6102Videologies created an office ergonomics course for IBM that featured a cartoon character named Ergo who explains the keys for avoiding injuries for employees who work prolonged periods at their desks using a computer.

Two versions of the course were created: a web-based version and a print-based version.  Both versions of the course included the same content; however, the web-based version also included audio narration and graphics animation.

The web-based version of the course can be viewed on both computers and mobile devices and was developed using HTML.  The print-based version was created using Microsoft Word.

The completed course was translated into 13 different languages, which required programming of 13 web-based versions (completed with narration in each language) along with 13 print-based versions.

Smartphone Communications

Smartphone Communications: iPhone Connectivity is a digital knowledge program that focuses on the many ways that an iPhone can communicate with other devices to share information. The course was designed for VuKnowledge Media and was intended for an audience of age 55+ adults who are not familiar with the various phone applications that can communicate with other phones, iPads, and computers.

From email to video conferencing, to wireless connections and file sharing, participants will learn about the full functionality of the iPhone to share information.   The course features iPhone demonstrations using a simulated iPhone and a printable quick reference guide.

Videologies provided course design, storyboarding,  graphics production, audio production, and course programming.


Google Docs

Using Google Docs is a series of two digital knowledge programs that explore the many free resources available from Google, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google’s mobile applications.  We produced these courses for VuKnowledge Media for an audience of middle school and high school students in disadvantaged learning environments who are not familiar with the features and benefits of Google’s online software.  The courses introduce users to Google Gmail for sending and receiving emails; Google Calendar for scheduling; Google Drive for cloud storage of files; Google Docs for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations; Google Sites for creating web sites; and Google’s mobile applications for accessing these resources on your phone or tablet. The courses feature software demonstrations and hands-on practice sessions using simulated Google software.  The courses also feature activity guides for practice sessions using live Google software.

Videologies provided audience analysis and course design services,  storyboarding,  audio production, video editing,  graphics design, photography,  and course programming.  The courses were developed using Adobe Captivate for the practice simulations and Articulate Studio for final publishing.  The development time was approximately six weeks.   The finished courses provide approximately 5 hours of student activity time.

You can view a sample of one of the two courses by clicking here.
You can view the video we produced below.


New Employee Orientation

shutterstock_146165846Videologies developed a new employee orientation for Memorial Hermann hospital in Houston featuring narration, graphics.  animation,  and software demonstrations.  The presentation is approximately 30 minutes long and was produced using Articulate Storyline.

In addition, Videologies created customized versions of the new employee orientation for various medical companies that were being acquired by Memorial Hermann throughout the year.

A customized version of the presentation is used during annual enrollment to explain changes to benefits to existing employees.

Manager Self Service

Videologies created a manager self-service course for Emory Healthcare that featured interactive simulations,  narration,  and cartoon graphics.

Emory wanted something that was short, interesting, and informative.  By using colorful graphics with animation,  short case studies, and optional interactive activities, we created an 8-minute introductory course that demonstrated the most common manager self-service tasks in PeopleSoft.   Videologies provided analysis and design,  a prototype,  storyboarding,  graphics production, audio production,  and course programming.

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